Where can I find the best websites on the internet?

The Young Person’s Guide to the Internet is an easy-to-use internet reference book that brings the very best of the internet to young people, students, parents, schools and teachers. The websites featured in the book have been, meticulously researched and selected with educational and leisure-time needs in mind. Informative and entertaining, this handy guide will help you to unlock the vast potential of the World Wide Web, and shows how it can be used safely and effectively with young people of all ages.

The websites are listed and summarised, and sorted into 30 categories, including all British National Curriculum subjects. This essential guide provides:

a wealth of resources to assist young people, parents, schools and teachers with general studies, educational enquiries and as back-up for both study and recreation;
the best sites covering media, art and music as well as online games and much more;
special selections for parents and teachers
comprehensive website summaries
Using this invaluable ‘one-stop’ guide will help you save time, effort and money, and do away with hours of wasteful internet surfing.