The Young Person’s Guide to the Internet contains over 1600 carefully selected websites with detailed descriptions, specifically researched for young people, students, parents and teachers. The websites have been sorted into 30 categories, providing information on a vast range of subjects for primary users to post-graduate university graduates, including National Curriculum subjects as well as recreational and entertainment resources.

The 30 categories help the user to quickly and easily identify relevant websites – whether interested in Drama or Dance, Music or Media, English or the Environment, Science or Special Needs and so on. As well as information and education, the guide offers websites coverning Lifestyle & Fashion, Films, TV & Radio, Attractions, Crafts & Hobbies, Dance, Sport and much more.

Parents, schools, teachers and other education professionals can also benefit as the Young Person’s Guide to the Internet offers a wealth of resources to assist with general studies, answer educational enquiries and act as a back-up for both study and recreation. The Guide can be used as a reference, support and research tool at school, at home and in support of study or homework, particularly in relation to GCSE and A Level subjects. Useful topics such as Art, Careers, Museums, Politics and Travel are also featured.